Here’s a brief explanation of the coaching services we offer at Access It All

What do you desire for your life?

As your Life Enhancement and PTS(D)/Trauma Intervention Coach, you can count on me to take you from where you are now to where you desire to be and more.

I will support, encourage and hold you to task as you create what you desire in your life, beyond what you ever thought possible.

I offer several types of coaching. If you’d like some guidance as to which you might choose, let’s have a conversation. To schedule your coaching sessions, please call me or email me .

Stress and Trauma CoachingSignUp

We specialize in assisting clients with the elimination of stress, anxiety, depression and PTS(D)

  • We teach you techniques that change the physical and emotional response to the trauma in the now.
  • Experience significant change in the first session and unbelievable change in the next 8-10 weeks.
  • This is a self-administered process.
  • This is a no content intervention (no sharing of trauma) and we will never ask about the story behind the trauma.

Business and Life CoachingSignUp

  • You will be given tools to empower you to become conscious of the areas where you desire to make shifts.
  • This coaching process introduces you to fundamental creative insights and a conscious way of being that facilitates you to discover your own intuitive knowing and innate creativity.

We have two programs to fit what you may require:

Coaching 101 is one 1 hour session per month, or two 30 minute sessions each month.

Coaching 202 is two 1 hour sessions per month, or four 30 minute sessions each month.

What else is possible for your life, career and relationships?

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Donna DeGutis


Life Enhancement Coach, Speaker, Healer

Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Process and Energetic Facelift Facilitator,

Reiki Master Healer, Basic Pranic Healing® and Theta Healing® Practitioner